Sunday, December 8, 2013

School Evaluation Summary

MTI Elementary Technology Plan Summary

As many of you know, I have taken a leave of absence from MTI Elementary for graduate studies.  I still felt that I could complete this project due to having been on the School Improvement Committee for a number of years, having been the technology resource teacher for a few years as well, and contacting a few friends that still work there to get some up to date data.  A teacher that is currently on the school improvement plan and I reviewed MTI using the Maturity Benchmark Survey together and concurred on each section and sub-section.

The were a few surprises on this survey.  One surprise was, I did not realize that the district had posted their technology plan until I looked.  It was very comprehensive. Another surprise, even with a yearly survey to the teachers, it surprised me how little input the teachers and staff that work with students have on what apps/technology equipment are chosen. 

I expected MTI Elementary to be either in the island or integrated stage.   The survey showed that is is in the island stage.  At the beginning of the semester I would have consider MTI more integrated; but, after studying the different technology plans and articles I realized most of the teachers at MTI use technology as lesson enhancers and not as an integral part of the curriculum.  This is partly due to all decisions about technlolgy coming from the district staff.  Also, the lack of in-depth training of new technologies, whether they be small devices or applications, continues to strengthen many teachers dislike of change.

This survey confirms to me that the way public education is administered needs to change dramatically if we are going to assist students in learning 21st century skills. 

Below is MTI Elementary's Survey and Evaluation
MTI Elementary Survey

MTI Elementary Evaluation

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