Saturday, September 7, 2013

EDTECH 506-Personal Image

This image represents some of the important parts of my life.  The center photo is from a visit to Tennessee from a few years ago.  It represents the new journey that I have started this summer transitioning from a full time teacher of ten years to a full time graduate student and bodywork practitioner.  My In Touch Bodyworks logo denotes my style of bodywork- a good friend of mine designed that for my business.  The picture of "Max" in the herb box symbolizes my love of cats and gardening.  Although, I actually enjoy all types of animals - cats just seem to have gathered around me over the years.  The blueberry/peach cobbler (yum by the way) was made over the summer and I love to cook. Then there is Assateague Island- the place where I go to distress. Finally, the Echinacea plant with butterfly represents the importance of good health and love of nature.  I took it in Asheville, NC.  I also really like to travel.   

Thanks to reviewing other students' work I decided to practice using Adobe Fireworks.  I am really going to enjoy learning how to use this software.  I am also excited to be on this journey with my fellow students. 

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